FAQ: How Do I Add Columns in My Listings Page?

Adding Listings Table Columns

The listings table can be customized to show the columns that you have selected, in the order that you want. The first column will always remain in place. 

Using the columns button on the right, you can hide or reveal the columns that you want to see by selecting them and moving them to hidden or visible using the horizontal arrows. Once a column name is selected from the visible column, you can use the vertical arrows to adjust the order in which the columns appear. 

When viewing the listings table, you can click on the title of each column to sort the data.

Note that any changes to the column selection will only be visible and saved for that user, it is not applicable to the store. Therefore, each user can customize the table as they wish.

Glossary of the column names can be seen in the Listing Table Metrics article.

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